Why I have ads? (read pls)
Hey, hello!

Well, first of all thanks for read this.

I always receive messages asking me why I have ads on my blog and I always say because the money. Yeah, I have this ads because it help me so much for school, the only person who works it's my mom and she earns very little, I have a job but the earns are very little too, so I use the ads to gain an extra money.

You can help me so much just clicking my ads, and staying for 5-10 minutes! I will love you forever :(

Thanks again for read this and have a great day! <3
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Hi, my name is Jonathan, I have 16 years old, I'm from Mexico and I love you <3

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It’s really ironic when I tell others “talk to him / her, you will not lose anything” when I am in the same situation

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Hiii I love your blog

yay, thank you <3 <3

so I'm kinda stressing bc I have picture day tom (im a sophomore in highschool btw) and I hated my picture last year like my eyes looked horrible and idk I don't even wana be in the yearbook honestly but idk what to do? any advice?:/

use a little bit of makeup, wears a mask oooorrrrr accept and love yourself as you are :) but don’t be afraid, you’re beautiful <3

i feel sad

ow :c, eat, listen music, go outside, watch ahs (or porn), but don’t be sad :c <3

I really love how my archive looks, I hope you enjoy it like I do it, because I do it with all my love &lt;3 &lt;3